Unwavering Faith Fixes Printers

Dr. Mary Dooley - 11/29/2009

{Heb.10:23} let us hold fast the confession of our hope that it waver not; for he is faithful that promised:

Unleavened Bread Ministries helped me to believe God for the healing of my printer. It is a fairly new HP and following a paper jam, it started making horrible sounds like I've never heard before. I quickly turned it off and tried to fix it to no avail, and I am pretty good at fixing things. I tried this several times before I finally gave up; nothing I did worked.

I remembered that I had heard on UBBS that God would heal it if I believed. Weeks went by and I finally got serious about praying for and believing for it to be healed. So, about two weeks later, after refusing to agree that it was broken, I tried using it and it acted like it would print -- normal printing sounds, but no ink showed up on the paper. This happened several times.

I knew it was healed if I believed, but I did not try it again for another week. I agreed with the promises of God and it printed, but not all the colors were working! I did not give up. Yesterday I almost forgot and started to take my laptop to work for printing, but instead I prayed again and believed. Everything printed beautifully! All colors are working, etc. It has been working great ever since! Praise God!