U.N. Considers Forming World Religion


Moscow, April 22, Interfax - Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted to the important role of world religions in formation of moral component in international politics.

"It's necessary to base international relations on morality and consider the joint moral denominator, which have always existed in major world religions", Lavrov wrote in his article published by Profil magazine.

According to him, the moral component is "crucial" for "the conception of stable development". Today it's impossible "to address various problems in managing global processes" without such categories as self-restriction and solidarity, the Foreign Minister believes.

According to Lavrov, the key role in it belongs to inter-civilization dialogue "including its interreligious component".

"That's why we suggested setting up the Consultative Council of Religions under the UN auspices and support all processes, which can provide a platform for such talks both in frameworks the "Alliance of Civilizations" and the European Council", the minister stressed.

Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia and UN general secretary Ban Ki-moon discussed the prospects of establishing the Council of World Religions under the UN at their recent meeting.