Two Witnesses Power Revival

Kevin R. - Early 2004


The following description doesn';t do justice to what I saw in a vision/dream back in early 2004.


I saw a large picture frame on a wall that came to life like a stage-play, with different scenes on it.  In the first scene, I saw dark, foreboding clouds with death and sorrow and pain throughout -- a state of panic, war and misery was in the air.  People were walking with their heads down, depressed and seeming to go to and fro in chaotic fashion, as if looking for something to relieve their pain and confusion.  Black-uniformed soldiers were chasing and killing ordinary people without hesitation; they were chasing the Saints, too.  Death was in many places; people were not burying the dead but leaving them in the streets.  It was horrible. 


Then appeared the bottom half of two men dressed in all white -- one on each side of the picture frame facing toward the center.  Their garments were sparkling with light.  They were standing on the left and right side of the picture frame, each holding a pure gold bucket.  They then simultaneously started to pour the contents of the buckets into the middle of the picture scene.  The liquid that came out was pure white light.  Once the liquid light hit the Saints on the ground, they were immediately transformed; they now had intense boldness and determination in their faces and their eyes were like flames of fire.  They started pointing their fingers and commanding and the whole scene started to change; the dark clouds started to flee.  They would point at the dead bodies in the streets and the dead would arise -- this put the people witnessing this in shock and awe.  They would point and speak and people would be healed of diseases, injuries and other calamities; people were dropping to their knees and pleading with these Saints.  The Saints would speak to the black-uniformed soldiers and some of the soldiers would drop dead in masses; others would flee in utter terror.  Whole armies with advanced weaponry were being stopped and put to flight by these Saints as they marched on, not breaking rank.   


I awoke screaming and rejoicing.  I was so full of awe and joy that my wife had to calm me down.  Later on, the Lord would emphasize the fact that there were TWO men pouring out TWO buckets of pure white liquid light and that it was a double-portion(Note from David: The pure white liquid light is the river of living water, the Word of God, coming out of the Two Witnesses to restore the Saints to their former glory.)