Trust Your Cat to the Lord

Michael and Michele Weber - 09/08/2009

We would like to share a quick testimony with you. We have a cat named Snowflake and she was always a pretty plump cat. Well, several months ago she became sick. We don't know what caused this but she began vomiting just about every day, sometimes several times a day and over a short period of time she lost a lot of weight. It seemed like every time she ate she would just vomit it up. Sometimes we thought it was just a hairball causing it, but we realized that most of the time it was just her food that she ate.

Well, we prayed over her and it seemed like nothing happened for quite some time. We got a little discouraged but we stood in faith the best we could and we laid hands on her and prayed over her a few more times and, praise the Lord, it's been several weeks now and she has not vomited at all. We are now patiently waiting for the Lord to restore her weight, since she is still very trim and she is naturally a little plump. But what a blessing that her health has been restored and she can keep down all her food! Be blessed!