Trial of Her Faith

Darlene Harnly

I wanted to give a praise report of God's grace to walk out my faith andrealize the enemy's tactics. I had been preparing tosing with a National Day of Prayer community choir and the cough started four weeks before May 3rd. So for three weeks I wentto practices but couldn't sing without coughing, so I listened and learned. I spent much time in prayer as I prepared for the 22 songs we were to sing. Well, May 3rd came and I felt better but during the first song I felt the "cough" coming again. I rebuked it and said, "Lord, I have come here to sing my praises to you, not lip-sync". I took a sip of water and for the next 21songs I had NO COUGH! PTL! I know God knew I was serious, which overruled the enemy's tactics.As Bill Rowe from UBM reminded me, sometimes we get ahealing "inch by inch". So I have a testimony to share of God's greatness. I am thankful for the role he played.