Thrilled with Truth

Jake - 02/05/2011

I would like to share my testimony with others at UBM. I am 18 years old and had been going to a denominational church with my mother for about that long and, although I listened to the sermons and my Sunday School teachers, I would go home and read what the Bible really said and knew there was much more than what they were teaching and some things they taught was not what the Bible says. For instance, it seemed to me, while reading the Word, God did want us to know, we are told to seek Him and He would tell us, lift our blinders and tell us His truth, although I was told no one knows everything.

About a month ago, for no apparent reason, I registered online with a Christian Forum. I was not expecting much. One day, someone, who has since become a good friend, started a Bible study on the Word of God and it piqued my interest because of the way he was presenting it and what he wrote settled with me. He told me if I wanted a book to read, he'd send me the link, which he did and it was to Hidden Manna For the End Times, which I read and was thrilled to finally find His truth. I moved on to Sovereign God For Us and Through Us and then onto other teachings.

I am so thankful to have met this person and led to UBM. I have learned more in this month's time than any other time over the past 18 years. I hope to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ through UBM and praise Him for bringing me here! God bless you all.