The Lord Is My Chiropractor

Michael Silber - 05/01/2008

Years ago, when I was a teenager, I hurt my back a couple differenttimes. Because of those pasts injuries, I had spent a lot of time and money going to chiropractors and other doctors for healing. For the past year, though, I have placed the health of myself and my family in the hands of the Lord and have seen miracles.

Last week, I was unloading a box of books from my vehicle. My family was getting ready to go to fellowship with other believers in the area. As I took the books inside the house, I realized that I had hurt my back again (between the shoulder blades). I was in some pain but I just continued out to the car because my family was already sitting in the car waiting on me. When I got to the car and went to get in, the pain suddenly got so intense that I could not do anything but double over. I managed to sit in the drivers seat but I coulddo nothing else as my chest was badly constricted and I had trouble breathing. The pain was so bad that I could not even think straight to say a prayer. As I was sitting frozen in the seat, my kids and my wife started praying for my healing. Not five seconds after they had finished praying, the restriction in my chest had left and I could breathe again! I realized that the Lord had just healed me -- I thought of the Lord's promise in 1 Pet. 2:24 and just thanked Him for the healing, even though I still felt pain anddiscomfort.

When I got to the home fellowship a little later, there was still some pain and stiffness but I confessed my healing to those who were there and gave God the glory. Later in the evening that same day, the pain and discomfort were gone and I could move freely. There were no doctors, chiropractors or medicine involved -- just the wonderful healing hand of my Father in heaven! I am so thankful to the Lord that He is faithful to His Word!