The Lord Sent Our Dog Home

Sara Carr - 12/19/2010

I have a recent testimony I would like to share with the brethren!

This evening, my sister got a text message that our mom's and stepdad's black lab had left the house and had been gone for a few hours. Their driveway goes down to the highway and another lab had been hit by a car on that highway some time back. Anyway, we live with our dad but we do not have to be there for the Lord to do a miracle!

My sister and I prayed in faith and agreement that the Lord would bring her back safely to their house. I also posted a prayer request on Facebook and know that at least two sisters in Christ had prayed in agreement. Around 20 minutes later, my sister got another text from mom that their dog came back to the house!

Glory be to God for answering our prayers speedily! He is awesome!