Study Now; Time Is Running Out

Amos Scaggs - 03/26/2007

In a vision, I saw that Hidden Manna for the End Times Vol. 1 has 10 important messages that will come to pass and are used as study guides for things to come. I also saw that we are very close to the 10 Kings event.

Each message represents a class that has been, and will be taken. The last class has already started class but if you know the previous classes, and if you will, you can still run and slide in through the door of the last class before it is closed. You will have to be very studious and pay strict attention to the teacher because of such late arrivals.

I saw two sisters arguing over issues. The older sister is the true church and has the correct study guide. She was being confronted by the younger sister, the modern church. You must not draw attention to yourself because of the conflict between the two sisters and late arrivals.

Some are waiting to take the last class but it has already begun. They know it has begun but they are still waiting in another room. The reason you are late for class is because you have been busy with personal job activities you thought needed to be done.

Each class also represents a time frame and the last class is well underway. The 10 classes have to be taken before the 10 Kings comes into being. At the end of the last class the 10 Kings will come into being and time is very short.