Spiritual Bomb Coming

Belinda Anderson - 09/25/2012
(David's notes in red)

A few days ago, I had a dream where I was standing outside doing some yard work. All of a sudden, I heard a strange noise and it appeared to be coming from above. I looked up and saw an object coming toward me way up in the sky (Heaven).

As it went over my head, I could plainly see that it was some type of a warhead or bomb. It had markings like the markings you would see on a highway (the broken white lines). The markings were red and white stripes. The stripes were running length-wise from tip to tail all the way around the bomb. Also, when I saw the stripes, it made me think of the "highway of holiness". And I thought to myself, "WOW! Could it be? Could it be? Is this the sign we have been waiting for? Is this the Man-child?"

Oh, praise God. I hope so. I hope so. Come, Lord Jesus! (Amen! Come, Lord Jesus. Maranatha.)

I stood watching this bomb until I could no longer see it in the sky; it showed no signs of coming to the earth. It appeared to have a specific destination. Also, I noticed that I had no fear of this bomb; it didn't appear to be any type of danger. As a matter of fact, I felt joyful when I saw the bomb. The red stripes reminded me of the blood Jesus shed for us and the white stripes reminded me of His purity and truth. (No doubt this is coming with the force that the blood and sanctification once hit the earth with but this time it will be global.)

I believe this to be a spiritual bomb representing the soon coming of the Man-child to take the true Gospel around the world. (Like Jesus brought the true Gospel, healing, deliverance, protection and provision to the disciples, so this will happen all over the globe through the corporate Man-child ministry in whom He lives through the latter rain anointing and Word of God.)