Spiders into Rocks!

Doris Zambrano - 6/2006

When we moved to our house last May, it had been uninhabited for over a year and we had many, many spiders, some of the really bad kind, too. Anyway, not being a fan of spiders, I became increasingly dismayed at this problem. One day I was standing in front of our black-tiled bar area and decided to ask my husband to stand in agreement with me about this situation. I called to Gabe and asked if he would stand with me in agreement and he agreed immediately. As I started thinking what to pray, that wonderful Small Still Voice said to me, "Child-like faith". I then heard myself say, "Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask you to turn every spider In this house into a rock!" Gabe and I said a hearty "Amen!" And just then, I heard a "plink" and I looked in front of me on the bar and there sat a beige rock! Praise God! I immediately told Gabe to come look and we praised our Lord together! Since that time, visitors have seen many a rock appear on the floor and fall from the ceiling!

Well, this past winter, I was without heat for a time and I slept on my sofa, near the fireplace every night. I was fast asleep one night and I was awakened and sat straight up and immediately put my finger in my right ear and lo and behold, I pulled out a black shiny rock. I praised God that He was watching over me and for turning that awful black, shiny spider into a rock! I praise God for child-like faith and His faithful protection! I pray that we all are given the grace to have child-like faith more and more each day, in every way! YAY!