Snow for a Child

Mary (grandma) and Jamie (granddaughter) Keller

My little granddaughter who is four years old has been learning how to pray and ask God for things, such as healing, protection, etc.

Well, she has missed having snow to play in; it has been two years since we have had any snow. We live in Virginia. So three weeks ago, in prayer she asked God for some snow so that she could make snowballs or make a snowman. Her parents were skeptical that her prayer would be answered. I told my son that if it did not interfere with God's plans for this area that he might grant her request, and right then out loud I prayed that I stood in agreement with her. Last week on Tuesday, January 23, 2007, in the afternoon around 2:00 p.m. it snowed big fat snowflakes. I took her outside and we both had a great time. I reminded her that God had just answered her prayer. Parents were surprised.

God is wonderful. Praise Him along with us.