Shielded from Gnats


Today, my husband, Tony, was working outside on this house he is wiring. There were some other guys putting in a brick mailbox. Tony was doing the outside lighting. The outside was swarming with gnats. Everybody was slapping at them because they were going in their ears and nose, etc. Tony kept slapping them too, but then one of the guys *cursing* called them cursed things. So my husband rebuked them, because he is delivered from the curse (the prayer was longer but that was the basics).

After the prayer, the gnats kept hitting his face, then he felt them slacking off ... a hit here and then a hit there ... then they totally stopped. One of the guys later walked over to where he was because he noticed he wasn't slapping anymore. He ask him what kind of repellant he was using. Tony said "none". He said, "What did you do?" Tony said, "I prayed". He said "You did what?" Tony said, "For real, prayed and rebuked them". Then the guy said, "Ok, walk over there where we are". So Tony walked over. The gnats started hitting him then slacked off and then totally stopped and went over where the other guy was, where Tony had been. The guy said, "You're using something". Tony said "No, I'm not. I prayed". So they kept watching him and everywhere Tony went the gnats disappeared. So finally one of the other guys went and got a bucket and turned it upside down beside him and asked Tony to sit by him while he finished the brick on the mailbox. They stayed away as long as Tony was there. The guys just kept shaking their heads in disbelief.