She Died of Endocarditis and God Showed Her the Fate of 2023

Youtube - Great Miracles Avenue - 6/10/22

(The following is a summary of this testimony by Eve Brast of the entire video testimony linked here.

This is an awesome testimony; well worth your time. This young girl grew up in a religious family and went to church and participated in religious activities. She was a good person but didn’t have a relationship with Jesus. When she died she was taken to hell before Jesus brought her back with a mission to tell the World about the coming fate of 2023.) This young African lady had been having a lot of heart trouble and chest pains and had been diagnosed by the doctors with Endocarditis.

Around 10 pm one evening her heart was racing much faster than usual and her breathing was out of control and she couldn’t do anything about it. There seemed to be an abrupt cessation of her breath and she felt herself suffocating. She attempted to shift her body in the bed. After repeated attempts to cry out to her parents for help and not being heard she began to feel cold and her spirit became detached from her body. She was propelled through space at an incredible rate of speed and began asking herself repeatedly if she was dead. After some time she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see a man in brilliant white and glowing face. She asked him if he was Jesus and He responded, “I Am the way, the truth, and the life. Come with me and I will show you mighty things that you do not know.” She asked, “Jesus, am I dead?” Jesus said, “You are here for one purpose and that must be accomplished as soon as possible. I will impact upon you my Word and ask that you disseminate it throughout the world. Let them know the great tribulation is due. It will be tougher and longer than humanity can imagine.” She was crying and started to hear sounds of screaming and pain and feeling the air. It all intensified as she was moving closer to where the voices and cries were coming from. The smell and hotness in that place was like none other. It then dawned on her that she was in Hell. She cried out, “Master Jesus!” Jesus said, “On earth you just went to church and did other religious activities because it was imposed on you by your parents and you never looked for me with the whole of your heart.” He paused for a moment and she observed the sorrowful reaction from his movement as they walked then He said, “This is how Hell’s fire is. You won’t be here for long. I want you to tell my people about the coming year 2023.”  As soon as He said this, the obnoxious scents and sounds gradually faded away and the atmosphere and power shifted to a more comfortable state. She stated, “NOW PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY”: Jesus went on to say, “2023 will be a tough year and the year of more doom. The pains and sufferings of the past years will be nothing compared to the future. The avarice and greed of men will be made known and this will be the cause of a severe pandemic. Conflicts between nations will erupt more frequently and violently than ever before. Even the most privileged will be concerned.” (Avarice means an extreme greed for wealth or material gain.) After sensing her anxieties, He continued to hold her hand tightly. He went on to say, “Tell my people that in spite of everything, everyone who seeks and finds salvation in Me, I the Lord, shall be with them. I will dry the tears from their eyes and will comfort them even if the repercussions of greed continue to rule and prevail. My Father who rules beyond Heaven and earth shall bring peace to the world, but only if the world seeks repentance. Go now and tell the world.” She began to beg to stay with Jesus and asked if another could go in her stead but Jesus said, “These are My plans for you. You were born for this purpose and this is your mission on earth. Go and tell the world what you have seen and heard.” As soon as He was done speaking, she was suddenly knocked off of her feet by a gust of wind that was so powerful that it was beyond her ability to resist its force. When she came back into her body she could hear the sobs and wails of her mother and the doctors rushing around and felt them taking her pulse. They declared that she was dead and that they had never witnessed a miracle like this. She had been dead from 10 pm the previous night and wasn’t found by her dad until the next morning when they had rushed her to the hospital. She says she has relayed the information in precisely the same manner as Jesus had given it to her and she hopes that everyone everyone will take heed to the warning.