Sovereign God Helps Edit Sovereign God Book

Brad Moyers - 04/10/2007

I'm narrating SG and had finished the first seven chapters. I had recorded chapter 8 but hadn't yet edited it. I decided to format my hard drive since it had been 2 1/2 years since the last time I'd done so. I had to burn everything I wanted to keep to DVD backup. When I finished the format and started reloading my files, I kept getting an error when I tried to transfer chapter 8 from the DVD to my hard drive. I was getting what is called a "cyclic redundancy error". It turns out it is common and it means that there was an error in the burn process for that particular file. I downloaded a program that supposedly will recover most files with such an error, and if that program couldn't do it, nothing could. Well, that program failed to recover anything.

I told David about this and we agreed in prayer that God would work a miracle like He has for mine and others' computer problems in the past. The next day thefile was on my hard drive with the other seven chapters and it was NOT there before. Furthermore, the chapter is there in its entirety and there are no errors in it. Out of curiosity, I put in the DVD backup withchapter 8 on itto listen to it and it glitches and skips all the way through. PTL! God not only transferred the file to my hard drive but He removed the skips and glitches for me.

That will save me a bunch of time because chapter 8 is tied with chapter 4 for being the longest chapter in the book.