Seeing Dwarf Star with Home Telescopes?


Update - 3/17/12: We are not doubting Dr. Glen but at this time there lacked the ability to triangulate in order to show how far out or how far behind Elenin this Brown Dwarf actually is.  More recent estimates put it over a year behind.

Hi, guys. This is serious. We received confirmation last night that Dr. Byron Glenn from our research group clearly saw the ELE object with orbiting satellites through his telescope. This is the recent email to family and friends:

Hi, Sherrie, Monica, Susan and family members:

Sherrie is writing me about the collapsing magnetosphere of our planet, which is just one of many symptoms that we have an approaching dwarf star on route to the center of our solar system. I am writing you guys today with disturbing news about what our survival group leader and physician Dr. Byron Glenn and his engineer son saw in their expensive telescope. Earth crossed ELEnin orbit on April 25, 2011 to match orbit at 1.8 AU, or about 170 million miles in distance that will remain constant until the end of June. That means our Earth and this object are like two racing sailboats and the Earth is actually moving away from the dwarf star through this period, which is causing the earth change symptoms to stabilize. Earth reached outside orbit position yesterday on May 28, 2011, which means this object appeared to stop moving left to right in the night sky to appear motionless for a three day period, to then begin trekking back to the left until 9/11/2011; when this object reaches perigee position nearest the Sun. This object is currently hovering just to the lower left of 44 Leo and Dr. Glenn was able to zoom in on the area of our dwarf star to realize he was looking at a monster of great size. We cannot see the actual dwarf star, but now he can make out the dark area and the dancing stars in the background created by the gravitational lensing effect.

Dr. Glenn zoomed in closer to begin seeing the red planetary object that many are calling Planet X moving out of the proton cloud at 3 o'clock position with smaller white moon-like satellites moving out of the cloud at 7 and 9 o'clock respectively. My good friend Envylife904 who owns our research group forum and I listened to Dr. Glenn-the leader of our Ozark Survival Group-give us a long-winded speech about what he saw in the telescope and we heard the same exact terms shared by astrolpatriot from our original research group who also captured images of this thing. I have known the good doctor for some time, but this is the first time I ever heard sheer fear coming from his voice like he has literally seen a monster of biblical proportions. Once Dr. Glenn emptied himself of the experience to Envy and myself, then he was unable to address our group and literally collapsed and had to go offline. The short of a very long story is that we are truly living in one of those ELE Extinction-Level Event movies, but this is for real and I am 100 percent positive; which you guys may have figured out since last February. This thing is going to start coming nearer to the Earth after the Sun/ELE/Saturn alignment around July 6-7, 2011. The star reaches Earth orbit around Aug. 1st and Venus orbit on Aug. 18 and Mercury orbit around September 1, 2011 at which point this thing could become visible as a second sun just to the left of our Sun. The earthquakes, volcanoes, rogue tides, mass animal deaths and the whole 9 yards are going to escalate out of control in August and September for the crap to hit the fan for sure sometime in September.

I have been planning to head for the hills again around August 1, 2011, just before the serious escalation of these events take place. However, it looks like our research group is going to receive a series of photographs that clearly show this thing and its orbitals for release to the public through the media. If everyone were to wake up to what is coming right now, then we would have panic and pandemonium in the streets leading to complete collapse of society leading to utter chaos and mayhem. Therefore, I can very well be writing you shortly with information that our survival group bugout plans have been moved up from August 1st to the beginning of July, because our own efforts to wake people up could threaten our overarching survival strategy and plans. There is a lot of information in the videos/link below to help you wake up and realize we are in a lot of trouble here in Florida.

Take care,

Note from David: Don';t worry, sir. The King is on the throne.