Secret Attack By Russia and China

Mike Griffith

On the 13th of August 2005, the Lord revealed to me something is going to happen. When I went to bed that night, I had a startling vision. I found myself in a huge undersea cavern somewhere. It was a huge under ground navy base of some kind. I saw an array of battleships and submarines all lined up against a dock; then I heard a demonic voice thunder in the darkness that said, "NOTHING CAN STOP US NOW!" I knew that the voice I heard was a principality or strong man that was controlling the warships. At its command they began to slowly move out of the dark under ground base and move down a sea tunnel to an exit. I ran out of the base some how just to sea the ships spew out of these sea doors into the ocean. I looked and saw that the base was built under a mountain that slopes into the sea like a fiord inlet. The Lord caused me to hover in the air over the base and I saw a large red symbol on it. But for some reason I wasn't allowed to see it clearly. I hid from sight and a large group of trucks and troops moved passed me. I was scared because I was hiding behind a shrub not even big enough to hide a cat but they could not see me. I heard some of the troops talking about an American singer called 50 Cent. I knew then that this was going to happen soon. The impression that I got from the dream is that nations are preparing an attack on another nation that is completely undetected. And the spearhead of the attack is by naval power. I believe the countries are Russia and China, and they are planning to attack America very soon. A supernatural force is preparing them for the attack; it is an evil fallen angel.

I went on the Net after I had this dream and saw that the Russian and Chinese navies were having war games together and it was the largest in modern history using 10,000 troops, warships, tactical bomber and amphibious landing craft. They called it Operation Peace 2005 but they are practicing for an invasion.

Note from David: Mike thought he may have been given a date for this which came and passed but this confirmation of this place is a fact that was independently shown to Rip.