Right / Left Political Dreams

The Elephant and the Assassins
Amos Scaggs - 10/18/2011

In my dream, an elephant ran hard in different directions and created a real bluff but no one was concerned.

(I think the GOP will have a split party of possibly three hard-running candidates running for president. In the past, every time we have a third party running for president, the democrats won. They always split the GOP voters: 1912 election -- Taft, Roosevelt, Wilson. Wilson won and we ended up with the Federal Reserve. Taft would have won over Wilson but they ran Roosevelt to split the GOP. 1992 election: Clinton, Bush, Perot. Perot split the conservatives and Clinton won.)

The assassins tried hard to kill the people but the people played dead and escaped into the wilderness with the help of the ones who were prepared for the trial of the tribulation. The prepared ones had the experience to guide the younger and succeed in being lost in the wilderness from the assassins.

(The assassin is the democrats who will go after everyone who does not agree with their agenda and send the believer into the wilderness to hiding and escape. The liberals will definitely send the believer into seclusion but the pastures and trees will be green at the time of departure. The playing dead is to keep the assassin from knowing the real situation of the ones being pursued until they escape.)

Collapse of the White House
Anonymous - 10/05/2011

I had a dream a couple of nights ago. In it, I saw the White House; its foundation was cracked and crumbling all the way around and the building was leaning. Nobody seemed to notice and it was business as usual. The president was even inside and had no idea the building could collapse at any time.