Rice Cooker Repaired

Kendall Remmick - 12/18/2010

Hallelujah! I thought I would jump on this appliance-healing bandwagon: webcam, icemakers, blenders, etc.

Well, when I listened to these testimonies late last night, it came to me, my favorite appliance has been broken and setting in the cupboard for about three months. I did everything to try and get my rice cooker to work; I finally gave up and put it away. So, I thought that I would do the same and just keep plugging it in and commanding it until it's restored.

Just before I went to bed, I opened up the cupboard and put my hand on it and said, "You're going to be healed tomorrow".

Today I remembered the rice cooker and took it out and held it over my head and commanded it to work. As I was hooking up the rice cooker, I started to pray for my ex-sister-in-law who has stage-four liver damage. This had taken my attention off the rice cooker, but when I plugged it in -- BINGO -- it came right on! PRAISE THE LORD!