Repentance, Warfare, and Sanctification (1)
David Eells - 12/4/22

Distractions Will Cause Many to Miss Out
Taryn Ezell - 11/27/22 (David’s notes in red)

I got up around 3:30 or 4 am to go to the restroom. (Spiritually, this represents riding ourselves of spiritual waste.) I felt like I was still in a dream state; not fully awake. I then had a vision of a man in bright white light. He was standing in the hallway and his eyes were flames of fire. The light around him was fluid and moved like water as did the flames in his eyes. (At first, I thought he was an Angel, but I ended up calling him Lord.) (This is a perfect description of the Lord in Rev. 19.)
He said, "Distraction will cause many of my people to not partake in the marriage supper of the Lamb.” (The marriage supper of the Lamb is at the very end of the 7 year tribulation when all the saints are gathered in.)

As I walked back into my room, I said, "Lord, what do you mean? (i.e. what distraction) The phone?" He didn’t speak at all but I was given the knowledge that it wasn’t entirely the phone, but it was a multitude of things(Having electronic devices such as computers and phones are not bad in and of themselves, nor hobbies, but they have a potential to be idols and distractions if we do not discipline our flesh nature and deny it to be entertained by these devices instead of spending time with the Lord and growing in spiritual maturity.)

(Later, I decided to look up, in the Bible, what I experienced that night in the vision. Without knowing for sure where it was, the marriage supper of the Lamb and the Lords eyes being like fire, were in the same chapter of Revelation. I had no idea. I knew those two things were mentioned somewhere in Revelation but I didn’t realize they were in the same chapter.)
Revelation 19:6-16, And I heard as it were the voice of a great multitude, and as the voice of many waters, and as the voice of mighty thunders, saying, Hallelujah: for the Lord our God, the Almighty, reigneth. 7 Let us rejoice and be exceeding glad, and let us give the glory unto him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. 8 And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright and pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints
9 And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they that are bidden to the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are true words of God. …
11 And I saw the heaven opened; and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon called Faithful and True; and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. 12 And his eyes are a flame of fire, and upon his head are many diadems; and he hath a name written which no one knoweth but he himself. 13 And he is arrayed in a garment sprinkled with blood: and his name is called The Word of God. 

14 And the armies which are in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and pure. 15 And  out of his mouth proceedeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God, the Almighty. 16 And he hath on his garment and on his thigh a name written, KINGS OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.
Isaiah 25:6-9, And in this mountain (Zion) will Jehovah of hosts make unto all peoples a feast of fat things, a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things full of marrow, of wines on the lees well refined. 7 And he will destroy in this mountain the face of the covering that covereth all peoples, and the veil that is spread over all nations
8 He hath swallowed up death for ever; and the Lord Jehovah will wipe away tears from off all faces; and the reproach of his people will he take away from off all the earth: for Jehovah hath spoken it. 9 And it shall be said in that day, Lo, this is our God; we have waited for him, and he will save us: this is Jehovah; we have waited for him, we will be glad and rejoice in his salvation.

A Portion of: Distractions and Mass Delusions lead to Hell
Samuel Fire - Early 2019 (David’s notes in red)

...I was taken into an open vision ...I saw things from my perspective but I was in a completely different place. I was outside a theme park. It had tall walls and all sorts of enticing pictures and happy faces and the main gate had a giant smiling clown at the top(I remember Garrett’s revelation of the Devil being a clown. Lol.) 

The theme park was so large that it went on as far as I could see on the left and right of my view. A very long line of people waited to go in and I could hear the sounds of rides, carnival music and laughter. (This theme park represents the entertainment and distractions of the world.)

However, I knew something was not right(Representing the discernment of the Holy Spirit.) I was very distraught and I yelled at the people waiting in the line, ‘DON’T GO IN THERE!’. I would approach every person I could, grab them, look them in the eye, and try to convince them to no go in. Many just ignored me or cussed and swore at me. Some threw a beverage or something at me. I just was running back and forth along the line yelling, crying out, and screaming for them not to go in. Not one person listened(We always try to warn people of their impending destruction. But many don’t have ears to hear and will persecute us for trying to tell them the truth. These are those who were not elect from the foundation of the world.)

The vision then changed perspective and I was in the spirit. I could see the side angle of the theme park. Just as a person would enter the gate to go in, there was a cliff and they fell off down into hell and I was in horror. The whole thing was a trick! (The strongest delusion that the devil perpetuates is that evil doesn’t exist and the devil and hell aren’t real.) 

(... I encourage everyone to seek Him and be humble to jump out of that line to the amusement park.) (Col. 3:1-2 If then ye were raised together with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated on the right hand of God. 2 Set your mind on the things that are above, not on the things that are upon the earth.

And 1Jo 2:15-17  Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the vain glory of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. 17 And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.)

Avoiding Distractions to be a Good Steward
Winnie Osegueda- 11/17/22 (David’s notes in red)

I had a two part dream. In the first dream I was a subway train in NY and Shay got on a few stops later(We need to get out of the subway representing “the low road" and onto the Highway of holiness. We are all in this process.) I said hello to her and we began speaking. As we were speaking, I realized I had missed my stop. We got off so that I could take the train back a few stops. (I was going to a salon to get my hair done) (Fellowship can be a good thing as long as it is in the Lord. If we get caught up in too much speaking and distracted with unfruitful fellowship, it will set us back on our journey out of "the subway.” Going to get hair done represents improved submission to the Lord, but a distraction delayed this.)
Shay got off with me so that we could talk because she wanted to tell me something. When we got off, I asked her if she wanted to walk with me to the other side to get on the train going back a few stopsbut she said she couldn't because she was on her way to work and didn't have time(We can’t afford set-backs. We must learn the value of hard work and responsibility in our spiritual walk, and diligence to avoid being distracted.)

She began to tell me about the managers at her job. (She worked at some sort of retail store in this dream) and she told me that they were getting rid of the managers at her job because they were doing a bad job(We must be good stewards or “managers” of what the Lord has entrusted us with. We need to understand the seriousness of the Lord’s culling process and learn to be a reliable “employee” for the Lord.) Then I woke up 

In the second dream, It was a bright sunny day out and I was in a car with Shay on a highway and she was driving(They finally made it out of the subway and onto the highway of holiness.) As we were driving, we saw a large inflatable caricature of Trump to our left, on the highway. The inflatable doll was an insulting image a mockery of Trump. (Trump has been a political distraction to the patriotic people of God. God’s people should not be distracted with the three ring circus of politics. Just pray for him.)
It seemed like there was a man inside this inflatable costume, but I don't know who. (It is a big inflated show to keep the masses distracted.) 

I told Shay not to focus on it as it was a distraction, because we didn't want to veer off the road and fall into a ditch. (It seems I was helping her drive and giving her some tips.) (In life, distractions will cause wrecks and side track us off of the Highway of holiness.) She agreed and we exited to the right on the next exit and were in another area in downtown NYC.
As we exited I said, “Just like that." Referring to cars that had been in an accident; meaning that it was exactly what we wanted to avoid. (By staying clear of distractions) We saw them fall off the left side of a bridge just up ahead. (The rebellious goats are set on Jesus’ left. The Lord is saying in this dream that distractions are rebellion.)

We got out of the car to see if the people were OK, and when we got out, I noticed Shay had lost some weight. (Representing loss of flesh and dying to self). (As we discipline ourselves to obey God’s Word, our flesh falls off of us and our spirit man gets stronger.) As we were walking towards the accident, I asked her again about the managers at her job and what would be happening to them(The Lord is indicating through Winnie’s question, while walking towards the accident, what will happen to the bad “managers.”) 

We made it to the area where the two cars had fallen, and unfortunately the people were dead(Eventually they become reprobated or spiritually dead like the 3 out of 4 in the parable of the sower who fell away.) There were quite a few of them lying on the ground. I remember seeing an Asian man whose body was contorted and his skin color was very gray. (The Asian man Represents the strange or foreign children born to the Harlot.) There was also a pregnant woman I remember who also lost her life. (Representing losing her fruit because of distractions) I remember being saddened by this very shocking image, and then I woke up.
I asked Chuc to get me a verse by faith at random and he received:

Daniel 5:7 (7-9 for context) The king cried aloud to bring in the enchanters, the Chaldeans, and the soothsayers. The king spake and said to the wise men of Babylon, Whosoever shall read this writing, and show me the interpretation thereof, shall be clothed with purple, and have a chain of gold about his neck, and shall be the third ruler in the kingdom. 
8 Then came in all the king's wise men; but they could not read the writing, nor make known to the king the interpretation. 9 Then was king Belshazzar greatly troubled, and his countenance was changed in him, and his lords were perplexed… 13 Then was Daniel brought in before the king. (And when Daniel interpreted the writing on the wall, he was anointed. We are close to the anointing of the Man-child who then choses the Bride. We must be ready for this without distraction.)

I also asked for a word and shuffled my scripture Playlist and received:

Psalm 90:12 (9-12 for context) For all our days are passed away in thy wrath: We bring our years to an end as a sigh. 10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten, Or even by reason of strength fourscore years; Yet is their pride but labor and sorrow; For it is soon gone, and we fly away. 11 Who knoweth the power of thine anger, And thy wrath according to the fear that is due unto thee? 12 So teach us to number our days, That we may get us a heart of wisdom(We must redeem the time we have to come into His image!)

Man-child Coming to Deliver His Bride 

Claire Pienaar - 6/20/22 (David’s notes in red)
I dreamed I (Representing the Bride) was at a banquet hall, getting food to serve to my family. (Riaan: The Bride is currently getting spiritual food for her spiritual children in preparation for the 7-year marriage feast). 

One of my worldly friends from childhood was getting married and she wanted me to come to her wedding reception instead.  (This represents immature apostate Christians who think they are marrying the real Jesus.) I tried as hard as I could, but I could not get away from the banquet I was already at. I tried setting alarms, I asked Riaan to help me, I asked my children to help me remember, but all my attempts to go to her wedding reception were useless. (The worldly Church can not identify the Groom or the Bride. This only comes through knowledge of the Word of God, which they are not taking time for this revelation.) (Riaan: Prepare the food and don’t get distracted.) 

The scene changed and my family and I were in huge waves, with riptides. We were training for something like a race. We were all very lean and muscular. (The wind and waves represent being tested by the water of the Word.) ... Just then, we looked up, and there was a huge lamb coming towards us in the sky. He was a perfectly white, very large lamb. We started praising God! (This represents the coming of the Lord in the larger Man-child body of reformers.)

The scene changed and we were back in the banquet room. (Riaan: Now the marriage feast is about to start because the Man-child has arrived). This time I could see the kitchen staff. One man, who looked like a chef, got so angry when he heard about the Lamb coming. His face contorted like he had a demon inside of him. (This “chef” represents the apostate Church leadership who, like the pharisees of Jesus’ day, are doing their own thing and persecute the Man-child and Bride.)
I looked at what he was preparing in the kitchen, and he said, “I hope they never find out”. He was serving nothing but mudHe made it look good on the outside but in reality, it was all mud. (Riaan: Some will be very angry, perhaps those who preached a pre-trib rapture, or those who questioned the Man-child and Bride prophesies and they will realize their spiritual food they have been preparing was not good on the inside, it only looked good on the outside). (Eze. 34:18 Seemeth it a small thing unto you to have fed upon the good pasture, but ye must tread down with your feet the residue of your pasture? and to have drunk of the clear waters, but ye must foul the residue with your feet?)
We never received this food, we never saw it on our tables(The Bride will not partake in the Pharisee’s spiritual food.) We were waiting for a flight and I realized we had to go quickly. (Riaan: The woman will flee into the wilderness [on the wings of the eagle in Rev. 12] as the dragon is looking to devour her and the Man-child.) …
I walked towards where there were escalators out of the restaurant but these were either not working, or they were going in the opposite direction to “up”. I was so thankful for the training in the waves as our thighs were strong enough to get to the top. Even though it was hard work, we seemed to be able to endure it and we were at the top very quickly without much effort. (This represents being spiritually exercised by the water of the Word to climb towards the heavenly places in Christ.)

However, I had to tell my youngest daughter that she’d have to leave her favorite toy koala behind. (Claire: Koalas are very lazy animals that sleep for 22hrs a day, and have very poor nutrition.) (Riaan: The word koala means “no water”; this toy koala represents dead doctrines that are void of the true food of the Word, it can’t be taken into the wilderness and must be left behind.) (We are commanded to work out our salvation with fear and trembling but many are too lazy to do this and are content with man’s answers. Pro. 17:2 A servant that dealeth wisely shall have rule over a son that causeth shame, And shall have part in the inheritance among the brethren.) 

I woke up as we were just getting off the escalator, where there was a lady spraying people with expensive perfume as they walked past. (Claire: Reminds me of Psalm 141:2: Let my prayer be set forth as incense before thee.... Riaan: A reminder to pray fervently, it is a sweet smell to the Lord). 
I asked the Lord for a word by faith at random and received, Isa 56:5  Unto them will I give in my house and within my walls a memorial and a name better than of sons and of daughters; I will give them an everlasting name, that shall not be cut off. 

Jesus is the Way to God
Gabby Dibble - 8/22/22 (David’s notes in red)

I dreamed I was in a community of believers. Something had happened within the group that had seemed to be a huge distraction away from the Lord. Therefore there was a separation within the group(As the Lord said in Taryn’s revelation above, many will not make the cut because of distractions.)

Four of us who were like-minded began driving in a vehicle. … Then, we started walking in the streets to pray and focus on the Lord for direction and to hear His voice. The street we were walking was the street of where I grew up, it’s called North Hartland(Satan wanted to usurp the throne of God which, the Bible says is located in the "North.” in Isa. 14:13 … the mount of congregation, in the uttermost parts of the north;) Hartland is a "play on words" and represents that all those in the Kingdom of God are given the heart of Christ and are walking in His love.) (Many of my dreams take place around my parents home.) (This represents the original church that we are born again into.) 

As we were walking, I looked at the sky and saw a white minivan with a red ladder on top(This represents our heavenly vehicle. We climb into the heavenly places in Christ by His blood that He sacrificed of our sins. Jesus’ blood represents the red ladder that enables us to enter heaven. The angels are ministering spirits sent to minister salvation to us through the blood. John 1:51 And he saith unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye shall see the heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man. This was foreshadowed by Jacob’s revelation of the angels ministering to him from heaven by the ladder. Gen. 28:12 And he dreamed; and behold, a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven; and behold, the angels of God ascending and descending on it.) 

It was a clear image. I knew instantly that it meant something and I was so excited. I then told the three that were with me, “It’s a sign from God!” They didn’t see it at first but in a few seconds they also saw it. They continued walking but I wanted to keep seeing this in the skyI didn’t want to keep walking but I didn’t want to fall behind them either(We have to keep our eyes on the ladder or way to heaven which is Jesus. This is more important than keeping up with anybody else.)

Waters of Revival Wash the House Clean
Fio Galchenko - 11/11/22 (David’s notes in red)

I dreamed I was visiting family in California and as I looked out of the window of the building we were in, I saw a huge, black ash cloud coming right at us which covered the whole sky and blocked out the light(Much of the corruption in the US started in CA. This ash comes from volcanic eruptions so spiritually it represents darkness from hell spewed out upon the earth.) 
The next instant, a flood came, and the water rose above the window so we were under water, but we were dry as the water did not enter the building. (Those abiding in the house of God for the Passover who are washed clean by the waters of the Word and revival.) 

The next image I saw, the flood waters had receded and no trace of black ash was seen anywhere in the immediate area I was in. I could not see past the building and yard we were in, but the sky was also clear(The clear Word will wash away, from the elect, the darkness that the modern day Pharisees have imposed on the Church.)

Bride Stops Cleaning the Harlot’s Mess 

Claire Pienaar - 8/14/21 (David’s notes in red)

(In this dream, Claire represents the Bride because her name means “brilliant” and the Bride’s garments are bright and pure as is spoken of in Rev. 19:8 And it was given unto her that she should array herself in fine linen, bright and pure: for the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints. (Riaan represents the Man-Child body of reformers, as his name means “little lion king”.)

I dreamed that I was in the lodge that belonged to the mine that my Husband worked at(The lodge represents the Lord’s house. Claire’s husband Riaan representing the Man-child, Jesus, our heavenly Husband is the “Miner” that brings forth treasure out of our earthly vessels.) 

And there was a little Korean woman who was supposed to clean the place. (The foreign Woman represents the strange children that the Harlot produces. Hos. 5:5-7 And the pride of Israel doth testify to his face: therefore Israel and Ephraim shall stumble in their iniquity; Judah also shall stumble with them. 6 They shall go with their flocks and with their herds to seek Jehovah; but they shall not find him: he hath withdrawn himself from them. 7 They have dealt treacherously against Jehovah; for they have borne strange children...) Her vacuum cleaner looked pathetic and almost broken, and she seemed to have no idea how to clean. (They aren’t taught sanctification in the apostate church system. They are satisfied to be religious.)

I brought my heavy-duty, red vacuum cleaner in and started cleaning. It was so effective, and yet there was so much dirt and dust. (My red vacuum cleaner represents the blood of Jesus that cleanses us of all unrighteousness. The Korean’s broken vacuum cleaner represents the Harlot Church’s broken gospel of self-works.) 

The dust was in thick layers, like lint from a clothes dryer. I had to empty my vacuum cleaner after each room’s cleaning. It was intense. The Korean woman followed me around like a shadow, but she did not have my vacuum so even if she learned to do everything I did, she did not have the same equipment that helped me to clean effectively(The elect among the apostates will take interest in the Bride’s cleanliness and want to imitate her, but will have to be taught sanctification.)

I kept on thinking, “When is Riaan coming?”. (We are all watching and waiting expectantly for the return of the Man-child in His reformers.) Then I heard Riaan’s voice explaining a more efficient way to vacuumI agreed with him, and made changes to how I held and cleaned with the vacuum cleaner. (This represents hearing the voice of the Lord and repenting for a deeper spiritual cleaning.) 

Then a dyed blonde woman came in, “inspecting” the place. (This fake blonde represents the Apostate Church Leadership. They aren’t really submitted to the Son/sun; they are only pretending to be righteous.) She’d never cleaned the place herself. She was not training the Korean girl, and she was just critical of everything I’d done. (Mat. 23:13 But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye shut the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye enter not in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering in to enter.)  Also, she messed up the rooms as she went along “inspecting” and I had to clean up after her again. I was in the middle of the second round of cleaning when Riaan came to fetch me(The Man-child is coming to choose the Bride and send them forth to clean up the Church.)

The word by faith at random that I received was from 1Ki. 11:32 (but he shall have one tribe, for my servant David’s sake and for Jerusalem’s sake, the city which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel); (The Lord in the Man-child will come first to Zion and then the Word of reformation will go forth from Zion to the Church.)

The Beast Machine

Samuel Fire - 11/5/22 (David’s notes in red)

I saw a vision of a very intricate and complex machine turning on, yet not fully started up but just powering up. (A One World Order is upon us. Both the Alliance and the DS are vying for control of it. The DS is losing but will still bring about much death. The Alliance has built a One World Order in order to conquer the DS.)

This machine was gigantic and was made from every kind of material, especially metal. It had every kind of moving part such as cogs, gears, rods, cables and chains. It also had all types of lights, bells and whistles. (This is the Beast machine.) 

Everything was not specific to any particular age in time. It had parts combined from the earliest times until now and every type of tech and advancement. These were all mixed together and jumbled with no distinct sections. (This Beast is made up of all the nations, tribes and tongues and encompasses the whole world. It is a new U.N. conquering the old U.N.) It looked like a gigantic building and squarely shaped(The satanic elites have set up what is called black cubes of Saturn or Satan all over the world. You might not know it, but the entire world has been worshiping Saturn for thousands of years. Here is an article on Saturn Worship: The Black Cube of Cronus)


There were hundreds of ‘angels’ or beings; I’m not sure if they were holy or fallen. These worker beings were quickly running around and all over the machine to get it to operate(Satan and his fallen angels with God’s permission, are feverishly working to get the One World Beast system operational.)  

Some people cried out, "It’s started" because they saw the ‘on’ button was engaged. Some said, “Not until all the lights turn on” would it be started. Others said, “Not until it does something or sounds out". But I felt it would be too late once the machine begins to move. (The first seal of the tribulation begins with the Man-child’s anointing in Rev. 6:1-2 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, Come. 2 And I saw, and behold, a white horse, and he that sat thereon had a bow; and there was given unto him a crown: and he came forth conquering, and to conquer.  

The second seal is the first real world war in Rev. 6:3-4 And when he opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, Come. 4 And another horse came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.)  

I heard the Lord say, ‘Repent My dear ones. Be perfected now and remain on target. Aim high. Declare your love. Keep all eyes on Me. I will give you important tasks. You won’t be bored with Me. Keep focused.’ (i.e. don’t get distracted.)

Denial Will Lead to Destruction
Gabby Dibble - 10/27/21 (David’s notes in red)

I dreamed I was standing next to my old swing-set in my parents backyard(The old swing set in the parents' back yard represents our youthful instability in the past when we were still in apostate religion that we are born out of. But now that we are mature we don’t swing back and forth any longer.)  There was a girl beside me whom I didn’t know personally. (This girl represents our spiritual man that we are unfamiliar with in the beginning of our walk but we become better acquainted with over time.)

I saw two barns in this backyard. The first was an empty red barn. (As we will see, the red barn represents judgments that are stored up for the lukewarm, apostate Church that is asleep.) The second barn was police barn.” (Representing the watchmen on the wall who are supposed to be vigilant in warning the people of God. Hos. 9:7-9 The days of visitation are come, the days of recompense are come; Israel shall know it: the prophet is a fool, the man that hath the spirit is mad, for the abundance of thine iniquity, and because the enmity is great. 8 Ephraim was a watchman with my God: as for the prophet, a fowler's snare is in all his ways, and enmity in the house of his God. 9 They have deeply corrupted themselves, as in the days of Gibeah: he will remember their iniquity, he will visit their sins.) 

I knew there was something terribly wrong in the red barn; something more than what meets the eye. I knew there was a fire inside of this barn, yet it wasn’t visible. (The invisible fire represents the fire of judgment that is stored up against the apostate Church that they are ignorant of. 1Pe 4:17 For the time is come for judgment to begin at the house of God: and if it begin first at us, what shall be the end of them that obey not the gospel of God? 

And 2Pe. 3:3-7 knowing this first, that in the last days mockers shall come with mockery, walking after their own lusts, 4 and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for, from the day that the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. 5 For this they willfully forget, that there were heavens from of old, and an earth compacted out of water and amidst water, by the word of God; 6 by which means the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: 7 but the heavens that now are, and the earth, by the same word have been stored up for fire, being reserved against the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.)
I didn’t have the thought to put out the fire, but that they needed to flee the fire. (We can not stop the judgment of God but, those of us who are awake can warn others of the impending judgments so that they might escape.) 

The red barn was maybe 200 feet away from the police barn. My fear was that the fire was spreading to the police barnI began to yell, attempting to awaken the policemen because they were all asleep. (Isa. 56:10-11 His (Israels) watchmen are blind, they are all without knowledge; they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; dreaming, lying down, loving to slumber. 11 Yea, the dogs are greedy, they can never have enough; and these are shepherds that cannot understand: they have all turned to their own way, each one to his gain, from every quarter.)

An ex-policemen named Shane, that I am friends with in real life, came out of the barn and said, “There is no fire, it’s nothing.” (Shane means, God is gracious”.) (I met him at a previous ministry that I left because of deception.) (There are many who are currently deceived in apostate ministries and they are in denial that their lifestyles will bring judgment upon them. But, as we will see, God will be gracious to give some eyes to see and spare them in judgment.) 

I replied “Yes! It’s inside the red barn; you just can’t see it yet!” He went back inside the police barn; seemingly not caring. I continued to try waking them up, but I didn’t know what to do. I was getting desperate because they weren’t acknowledging me. I then grabbed a megaphone that was on my swing-set and instead of speaking into the megaphone, because that wasn’t doing anything, I pressed the loud siren button that sounded very similar to a police siren. As I sounded the siren, the red barn then bursted in flames that very second, straight through the middle of the barn. The flames were huge and tall. I knew the fire was made visible because of the siren. (God will give His elect in the apostate Church leadership eyes to see and ears to hear and they will become spiritually awakened because of the fires of judgment.”)

Movement then began in the police barn and they were using their weapons against the fire.  Moments later the fire stopped from the red barn and it crumbled and disappeared(When the leadership is awakened to the dangers of sin and apostasy they are able to use their weapons of repentance and spiritual warfare against sin and the flesh and they can put out the fires of judgment against them.)

... I was told by Shane, once he came out, that three of the policemen were burned up and gone. He was the prominent fighter and leader. Two out of five survived and Shane (meaning, God is gracious) was one of them. Shane said they didn’t make it because they didn’t fight against the fire(They don’t know that they have any authority to cast down judgment with repentance. We must fight against sin and the flesh or we won’t make it into the Kingdom of heaven.) 

I was then standing with this same girl from the beginning. (Representing our spiritual man who, as we will see, has born much fruit through the fiery trials.) ... I wanted to go back in time to save more of the men but I couldn’t because, in front of me, there were multiple children and I knew going back in time would potentially harm them, so I didn’t. (We can’t shrink back. Heb. 10:39 But we are not of them that shrink back unto perdition; but of them that have faith unto the saving of the soul. God is sovereign and He works all things after the council of His own will. It is futile to dwell in the past because we can’t change what has already happened, but we can trust God that those things that happened in the past will multiply good fruit in our lives.)

Lay Aside Every Weight
Tiannah Fire - 11/1/22 (Davids notes in red)

In a vision I saw an empty, open space. Above was light peaking through and below was darkness and I was in between them(Our spirit man is somewhere between the light and the darkness on our journey towards heavenly places in Christ. Rom. 7:14-25  For we know that the law is spiritual: but I am carnal, sold under sin. 15 For that which I do I know not: for not what I would, that do I practise; but what I hate, that I do. 16 But if what I would not, that I do, I consent unto the law that it is good. 17 So now it is no more I that do it, but sin which dwelleth in me. 18 For I know that in me, that is, in my flesh, dwelleth no good thing: for to will is present with me, but to do that which is good is not. 19 For the good which I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I practise. 20 But if what I would not, that I do, it is no more I that do it, but sin which dwelleth in me.

21 I find then the law, that, to me who would do good, evil is present. 22 For I delight in the law of God after the inward man: 23 but I see a different law in my members, warring against the law of my mind, and bringing me into captivity under the law of sin which is in my members. 24 Wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me out of the body of this death? 25 I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then I of myself with the mind, indeed, serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.) 

I was holding onto a pole with my arms and legs wrapped around it; holding on for dear life. The pole was moving up and upThings were falling out of the pockets of my clothing. Things were just falling off of me into the darkness but I stayed attached to the pole with everything in me. (Jesus represents the serpent on the pole or cross who bore our curse so that we could ascend into heavenly places to be seated with Christ.) Then the vision ended. 

(When I was seeking the Lord about what this vision meant, I felt that the closer we get to Father God and Jesus the more the evil just falls off of us.) (Samuel: The items that are falling out are worldly things trying to weigh us down. These things can’t be taken with us to Heaven.) (Heb. 12:1 Therefore let us also, seeing we are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weightand the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.) 

The following day after having this vision above, we were driving in our car and talking about Jesus, when I had another vision of myself in 3rd person. I was in this empty room and a giant blow torch, that was much more powerful than a regular blow torch in real life, was blowing all this stuff off of me and then I saw a shell of myself get blown off of me (like how a snake sheds its skin) but I remained standing as a glowing light. (Samuel: This represents our old self being crucified.) (The wood, hay and stubble of our old life being burned up in the purifying fire of the Refiner. Heb. 12:29 for our God is a consuming fire. The coming of the Lord in His Man-child will be to refine His people as priests offering their flesh on the altar of fiery trial. Mal. 3:2-4 But who can abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner's fire, and like fuller's soap: 3 and he will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and he will purify the sons of Levi, and refine them as gold and silver; and they shall offer unto Jehovah offerings in righteousness. 4 Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto Jehovah, as in the days of old, and as in ancient years.)

Cleaning up Our Walk Through Sanctification
Deb Horton - 8/7/22 (Davids notes in red)

In this dream, I was taking a shower in a completely white bathroom that was very brightly lit(This represents the sanctification process under the bright light of Jesus who is the Word made flesh.) As the water (of the Word) poured down over me, I noticed that I was using a white Hanes sock instead of a washcloth, which surprised me. (The sock represents our walk.) ...

I was so happy and thinking, "Gosh, it feels so good to get really, really clean for a change," as I scrubbed myself with the sock(As we read the Word it renews our minds and cleans up our walk and our ways.) Then I woke up. 

(The shower is the washing by the water with the Word. The bright lighting in the bathroom is (the Word that) reveals every speck of dirt.) (Eph. 5:25-27 ...even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it; 26 that he might sanctify it, having cleansed it by the washing of water with the word, 27 that he might present the church to himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.)  

Deeper Things Revealed, Exposed, and Overcome

Samuel Fire - 11/5/22 (David’s notes in red) 


As I was praying I heard the Lord say, "The deeper things need to be revealed, exposed and overcome. Use The Light to shine and lead The Way. (By revealing the deeper, hidden things.) Nothing can hide from My Love. When the root is eaten the plant dies. (These hidden sins eat away at the root which sustains the plant so that it is not “rooted and grounded.”) Lift up and remove the old [hidden ways]. Fast, so as to bind the flesh. I Am here and your enemy is scattered. No mixture, no compromise. Confession and removal leads to being sanctified and blessings will be bestowed on all. (1Jo 1:9  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.)

My Son will fight and defeat [the enemy] in one strike. All the enemy which stands against …My people, will be in terror and have no strength, even to move. ...Their choice, has taken them to a dead end and with no option to come back." (I felt he was speaking of reprobation of the enemies.) 

(Death comes near to those practicing witchcraft and who are trying to hide. A Sword will cut and divide them away from Gods elect. In this test by the wicked we must deliberately crucify our old, carnal flesh, for it will only lead to shame and weakness. All who listen to the Word and obey will be saved. …)

School of Rest Rids Us of Scars 
Claire Pienaar - 10/17/22 (David’s notes in red)
I dreamed I (Representing the Bride) was in my parents’ old house, and I was setting up my old bedroom as a school room. (Even though I have 3 children in the natural, in the dream I had a long desk that I set up with 7 or 8 chairs, as I knew the other children would be coming soon, some belonging to my homeschool mom-friend named Anna.) (Anna means grace. The children of grace will come to the Brides “School of Rest” and learn to have faith and trust in God.) ... (My room being turned into a school room represents the fact that we can only be taught the real gospel when we cease from our own works and enter into the continual rest given to us by Christ.) (Riaan: The room in the old house represents the original gospel that is still applicable and able to accommodate those who want to learn and are willing to be taught.) 

My room had expanded in the dream to accommodate all the school stuff, but my double bed was still there. (This represents an increased ability for the Bride to reach the elect of God in the great revival that is coming and bring them into the rest through faith.) ... My clothing cupboard was also there, with some of my clothing inside(The clothing of the Bride is the righteous acts of the saints which will be on display for all to see as an example of holiness and what is pleasing to the Lord. 

Isa. 60:1-5  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of Jehovah is risen upon thee. (The Bride) 2 For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples; but Jehovah will arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. 3 And nations shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising. 4 Lift up thine eyes round about, and see: they all gather themselves together, they come to thee; thy sons shall come from far, and thy daughters shall be carried in the arms. 5 Then thou shalt see and be radiant, and thy heart shall thrill and be enlarged; because the abundance of the sea shall be turned unto thee, the wealth of the nations shall come unto thee.)
Micah, my oldest child, had a tough time understanding why we’d be schooling here in a bedroom. (Representing that the "apostate children" may have some trouble accepting that they can not be saved by their self works.) (Riaan: A school room in a bed-room represents being not just hearers of the word but doers by learning what the Word says about entering God’s rest by ceasing from self-works.)
Micah was in and out of the room; going to the bathroom across the hall(Representing getting rid of the spiritual waste of false doctrines.) She came back with an infected scar between her eyes(The infection here represents false doctrines in the mind of the flesh. God’s cure is Deu. 11:18 Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul; and ye shall bind them for a sign upon your hand, and they shall be for frontlets between your eyes.) 

I saw the scar, and I immediately started lifting the scar tissue away from the skin, from her nose on up. Micah said it stung a little bit. I rebuked the pain and told her there would be no further pain. The old scar lifted off from her nose and between her eyes, revealing perfect, pink, fresh skin underneath. (This represents getting rid of the false doctrines which inhibit our ability to see and discern spiritually represented by the nose and eyes. The good news of the true Gospel brings healing to God’s elect.)

She was as radiant and beautiful as ever. Oh, how she loved getting rid of that scar. (Riaan: Micah’s name means, "Who is like God?" Her going to the bathroom represents getting rid of anything spiritually unclean and then, the scar coming off is because she was beholding Jesus in the mirror and being transformed into that same image from glory to glory as she learns the original gospel once preached unto all.) 

Repentance is Warfare Against Deceptions of the Flesh
Gabby Dibble - Sept. 2022 (David’s note in red)

I dreamed I was sitting at a table with a couple that were also believers. I was pouring my heart out to them(This represents repentance. James 5:16 Confess therefore your sins one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The supplication of a righteous man availeth much in its working.) The young man mentioned how I had been deceived before but that God has always pulled me through. I was just crying and crying. My heart was so soft and humble at this table. (James 4:10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall exalt you.)

I was sharing experiences I’ve had and how I solely just wanted to know the Lord; that I desired to read his Word day and night. I was expressing my love towards the Lord and my needWhile I was doing this, it sounded like there was weaponry going off in the background as we were talking. I knew war was taking place(2Co 10:3-6  For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh 4 (for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but mighty before God to the casting down of strongholds), 5 casting down imaginations, and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ; 6 and being in readiness to avenge all disobedience, when your obedience shall be made full.)

He Teaches My Hands to War 
Claire Pienaar - 11/20/22 (David’s notes in red)

I dreamed Riaan (Representing the Man-child) was showing me how to throw spears into a targetPsa. 18:34-40 He teacheth my hands to war; So that mine arms do bend a bow of brass. 35 Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation; And thy right hand hath holden me up, And thy gentleness hath made me great. 36 Thou hast enlarged my steps under me, And my feet have not slipped. 

37 I will pursue mine enemies, and overtake them; Neither will I turn again till they are consumed. 38 I will smite them through, so that they shall not be able to rise: They shall fall under my feet. 39 For thou hast girded me with strength unto the battle: Thou hast subdued under me those that rose up against me. 40 Thou hast also made mine enemies turn their backs unto me, That I might cut off them that hate me.

...The spears had to go directly into the [enemy] target. Riaan did it perfectly; every time. He had about 12 spears. (Riaan’s full name means "little lion king" and he represents the Man-Child who has the authority to make apostles, represented by the 12 spears. The words of the apostles teach the Bride body to fight in the spirit). (Eph. 2:19-22  So then ye are no more strangers and sojourners, but ye are fellow-citizens with the saints, and of the household of God, 20 being built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophetsChrist Jesus himself being the chief corner stone; 21 in whom each several building, fitly framed together, groweth into a holy temple in the Lord; 22 in whom ye also are builded together for a habitation of God in the Spirit.)

Riaan showed me how to do it and gave me some spears to try it out. I was so tired in this dream and really struggled to even lift my hand to throw the spear. I missed badly the first couple of times. He suggested I stand up and try, and when I did that, I was infused with energy, vitality and precision. I threw every remaining spear directly into the target. (Rom. 14:4 Who art thou that judgest the servant of another? to his own lord he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be made to stand; for the Lord hath power to make him stand. Standing up represents fighting against our flesh nature and our thought life that weakens us spiritually so that we can’t fight the enemy properly.

I noticed some girls from my school days who were younger than me. (Representing those who are stunted in apostasy.) In the dream they were still the same age as in the past, and I was trying to show them how to throw the spears. However, most of them had no idea or desire to learn. ... They were all blonde and pretty but they were standing in between me and the target. It seemed they’d be taken out by me throwing my spears. (Riaan: If you don’t have the willingness to participate in the teaching to train up the Bride, you’ll be taken out by the spears.) (Because it says in James 4:17 To him therefore that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.)

 Bride Gets On The Bus (Don’t miss it!)
Claire Pienaar - 8/16/22  (David’s notes in red)
I dreamed I was in a big church with red chairs ... and the church building was moving down a street. People were coming into the church and were waiting for something to begin(This represents a mass exodus from the Harlot church. The elect of God are on the move towards a great revival of the Body of Christ in these last days.) I went to the back of the church and there was a white bus that was pushing this church along. It was a double or triple decker bus. (As we will see, this white bus represents the first fruits Man-child reformers who will move the larger body of Christ into the latter rain anointing and revival.) 

... The bus had long enough seats that could be made into beds and I remember thinking, “Ok great, I can rest now”. ... I had to climb up the stairs of this multi-level bus to the top level which was open air. (The top level represents our spirit man where the fruit of Christ is born. The Bride has 60 fold fruit at this time.)  Just when I thought I had no energy left, it started raining(The former and latter rain will fall just in time for the great revival.) ... No-one else was on that top level with me except one of my children. (Only our personal Man-child in us will accompany us to the top where we eventually will bear 100 fold fruit of Christ in us.) There was only one bed with white sheets up there on the top level(This top level is reserved for those who have overcome all the stormy trials to make it to the top where the rest of purity is.) 

... I laid down as the rain splattered onto me. I was expecting cold rain but it was warm and pleasant and I did not get cold once it touched my skin. (Representing the former rain anointing that falls upon the Bride when the Man-child reformer ministry begins.) I was so happy to lie down on the white sheets of the bed. Despite working so hard ... my white shoes were not dirty at all. Not even the soles were dirty. My little top-level bus-bed was completely clean and white. (Our pure walk is what gets us to the top of Mt. Zion.) Then I woke up. 

I asked the Lord for a word by faith at random for this dream and received Lam 3:56-57 Thou heardest my voice; hide not thine ear at my breathing, at my cry. Thou drewest near in the day that I called upon thee; thou saidst, Fear not.