Repaired Car Heater

Don and Merlene Laughlin - 03/10/2010

Last October, we had to make an emergency family-related drive up to northern Minnesota from southwestern Michigan. But the heater in our car had just quit working. We claimed verses such as "My God will supply all of your needs" and took off.

It wasn't really cold, never going lower than the upper 20s. We kept claiming that the heater was working but, while in the middle of Wisconsin, we ran into a snowstorm where we had to have a heater to keep the windshield warm so the wipers would work and we could see.

Then, at the height of the storm, the heater started working. Were we thanking the Lord! And the heater is still working.

Later, I told my mechanic about the experience and he rolled his eyes heavenward a couple times, referring to The Great Man, which got me laughing. He went on to say that he was working on a vehicle that had the same problem and would be just as difficult because the passenger-side airbag has to be removed, costing $1000. So the Lord arranged for us to get better than the senior citizen discount.