Pet Fish Healed

John Farmer - 12/27/2009

[.] Nine years ago I got a small fish. He got bigger and I got a 33-gallon tank for him; then I had to get a 45-gallon tank. Finally, he was 14 inches long and I got an 80-gallon tank.

He was a beautiful gold color. If I walked by the tank, he would swim beside me. If I stood near the tank, he would swim right next to me. I was quite attached to him.

[.] He got a disease called swim bladder disease. It caused him to have a large swelling in his belly area and he could only lie on the bottom.

I called a pet store that specialized in this sort of fish and they said that when they are about nine years old they get swim bladder disease and die in two to three months. Each day when he was lying on the bottom, I prayed that the Word of Life would come to Rhinegold (this is his name). It was heartbreaking but I continued to pray. He was lying on the bottom for six months.

I contacted David Eells and mentioned the situation with Rhinegold. One or two days later he was right-side-up and I have not found him lying on the bottom at all for a week.

[.] When he was lying on the bottom there was also a problem with his eyes. They were pulled down and out but now that he is upright, his eyes are normal. Praise God for healing Rhinegold.