Penalty For Not Signing Up For Obamacare


According to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), people choosing not to enroll this year would be in for a surprise on how much they may be responsible to pay as a penalty tax for not enrolling: You Might Pay A Lot More Than $95 For Skipping Health Insurance

Looks like in this quote below from this article that, among other things, not having the minimum taxable income escapes the healthcare system, penalty and mark:

"There are also lots of exemptions from the penalty itself, Blumberg points out, even for people who remain uninsured. The biggest is having income below the tax filing threshold.

"This year that's roughly $10,000 for a single person and $13,000 for a head of household. If you don't have to file income taxes, you won't have to pay a penalty. You also can get an exemption if the cheapest available insurance would cost more than 8 percent of your income, if you have unpaid medical debt, or for any of several other reasons listed on the website.

"But for most people with incomes above the poverty line, time is running out to either get insurance or prepare to pay up instead".

Freely giving and receiving is God's true Biblical economy. This is not bartering, which can be taxable.

According to the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), certain religions have established conscientious exemptions. Turns out the just about all these religious groups are Amish or have Amish ties.

Buried in Section 1501 on page 148 of the so-called Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is an exemption from the individual mandate for a "health care sharing ministry", a group whose members "share a common set of ethical or religious beliefs and share medical expenses among members in accordance with those beliefs". For any member of such group, the law says, "No penalty shall be imposed".

Obamacare Alternatives

Anonymous Christian: "Depending on each person's income, paying the yearly penalty may be cheaper than getting coverage. But every year the penalty goes up and I am probably going to have to find some coverage simply to avoid paying the high penalty which will be much greater".

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