Delivered of Severe Pain

Winnie Wood - 12/30/2014

God wants people to know that He is real and alive and with us all the time, no matter what we go through.

I came to Durban, South Africa due to a vision God gave me. I was helping the daycare pre-school at that time. During the night, I started getting body pains. I could not move, the pain was to much. My whole body, from my head to my toe, was paining.

The next morning, I could not go to work, I was still in pain. I started to pray and ask God what was happening to me. I never had any pain like this before. I started to move my head but the pain shot through me badly. I gritted my teeth and started to crawl around so I could fight this pain.

My co-worker came to me and I told her what happened. She told me to stay in bed. I waited until she left and then crawled to our prayer room and I tried to stand. The pain shot through me again but I stood near the foot of the cross of Jesus. I prayed and immediately the pain in my body vanished and there was no pain in my body whatsoever.

I praised God and thanked Him for my healing. My friends, God is real and alive and He cares for and loves you. God bless you all.