My Present from God

Deanna Blakeman - 09/27/2007

My camera broke the other day... but, MY GOD is GOOD. I prayed over it and it didn't work.

If you know me, I LOVE BUTTERFLIES! This beautiful Monarch butterfly, one of the biggest ones I have ever seen, was flying around my head, almost teasing me because I couldn't take this beautiful creature's picture! It was landing in front of me and everything! So I commanded that camera in Jesus' name and I hit the front of my camera and turned it on and it was working! Praise the Lord!

I was sooo happy (I love my camera; that you all probably know). Now this was a problem because I just FINALLY started doing something with my photography and was working on my first photo shoots. So I looked up and was like, where is that butterfly?! He was gone! So I asked for the Lord to bring the butterfly back and this butterfly literally came out and flew right in front of me and landed on the pretty purple flower in front of me over my pond. Then the butterfly literally POSED in front of me, opening and closing his wings for every photo, so pretty and flawless. My GIFT OF GOD!