My Miracle Womb!

Deanna Blakeman - 09/27/2007

My menstrual periods had always been perfect -- every 30 days, for 3-4 days each time. In 2002, I began having irregular menstrual periods. They were coming every 30 days but they lasted from 3 hours to 1 1/2 long, some months not even there! So I went to my gyno doctor and they found that my left ovary had cysts on it and the right ovary was affixed, which means that I had some scare tissue that caused my ovary to stick to the side of my uterus. Therefore, they said that I couldn't have kids unless I did fertility treatments. I said no because I was gonna put this in God's hands.

I went home and met with all my brethren at Brother Willie's house. They encircled me to lay hands and pray and my husband put his hands on my stomach. We prayed, praised and gave thanks. Brother Willie and another brother announced, "It is done. Do you believe you are healed, Dee?" "Yes", I said, and the group said AMEN. Immediately I felt a gush of blood. I ran to the bathroom before there was a mess. I received a very heavy 4-5 day period and was pregnant within 2 months. I went back to the gyno and told him. Sure enough, I gave birth to my first-born son, Isaac Daniel, on April 3, 2003. Isaac means "laughter" because the Lord hath caused me to laugh as Sarah had when her womb had been opened. "Every male child that openeth the Womb shall be called Holy to the Lord" (Luke 2:23).

My second child, Caleb Joshuah, was born August 24, 2005. Stay tuned for part 2 of my testimony. :)