Multiplied Propane Fuel

Sean Lynch - 01/29/2011

I have a praise report. We have a propane fuel tank where we live. I have been praying for the Lord to bless our fuel. Today, I received an answer as I went out to check our propane level (I have been going out every week to check it due to the cold weather). Normally, during the cold like this, it goes down about 10 notches a week. Last week, I went out to check the tank and it was at about 42. This week it was very cold and snowy here in Michigan.

We have been using our tank all week.

Well, when I went out this morning it was still hovering around 41 to 42. Praise the Lord! For it not to move like this is a true miracle because it's been so cold here in Michigan.

We have been under a financial burden of late and cannot afford to purchase more heat at this time; however, my GOD is mighty to save and recognized this and divinely provided for our needs. PTL!