Healed of Multiple Sclerosis


Let me begin by giving you some background on the prayer request.

Reuel, Christina and I had invited a young couple (Tanya and Luke) for dinner and Bible Study a couple of Wednesday nights. They had begun to ask questions that showed they were trying to sort out the things they had been taught by religion that didn't seem to be holding up in light of the Word they were learning in the studies.

The young woman, Tanya, asked that we pray for her cousin, Tammy, who had been diagnosed with MS. We placed a prayer request on that Wednesday night for healing for Tammy, a non-believer. Several weeks later, Tanya and Luke came once again for dinner and Bible Study, and they reported that Tammy's symptoms of MS had disappeared and that the doctors told her that the tests must have been wrong because it appeared that she didn't have MS after all. Tanya told her that it was because we had prayed for her.

Tanya and Luke were both so cute reporting all of this to us. You could see how amazed and elated they were. Watching them report on Tammy, I almost forgot the gift of healing that God had granted through His infinite mercy. All I could see was the work He was doing in this couple, as they realized that HE LIVES!

Years spent in dead religions that program you to go through the motions and feel nothing, gone, in the twinkling of an eye. Amen.

Praise God!