Mom Healed of Broken Hip and Dementia

Les Brown - 02/15/2010

My mother, at the age of 87, had developed advanced stages of dementia and was placed in a nursing home in North Carolina, near where she lived with my sister. Not long after being placed in the home, my mother fell and broke her hip and needed surgery. She had a bad reaction to some medication, which apparently was the reason she fell. The doctors said that she might not survive the operation and with reservations decided to go ahead with the operation. After the operation, her condition seemed to worsen and they thought it was due to the dementia. It got so bad for her that the doctors had told my sister to prepare for the worst. During this time, the rest of the family here in Michigan were praying for her, along with the doctor, who is a Christian. I was talking with my brother the next day over the phone when we discovered, during the conversation, that we had prayed the same prayer. The prayer was, "Lord, heal our mother in body and mind and give her five more years". Praise God, He is healing and making her a testimony to His healing power. The doctors and nurses are amazed at the sudden reversal of her condition. She is up and out of bed and recognizes people and has her smile back and the dementia is in regression.

Shortly after all this happened, I heard the young lady's testimony about her grandmother with dementia -- how she was about to die and the Lord gave her five more years and restored her mind. I just had to share this story about Mom. Thank You, Lord!