Miracle of Preservation

Michael - 12/30/2011

I was driving in Australia, listening to the radio. I had just left my local school hall where the children had sung beautifully. The Temptationswas an apt name for the choir. As I drove along the highway, my car listed to the right violently. I nearly hit some Aborigines but managed to stop the car on the emergency lane. I jumped out of the car with my usual God-fearing gusto, only to see a blown-out tire. "No rest for the wicked", I said to myself and I got to work with my mighty hands that God was kind enough to give me.

Whilst changing the tire, I listened to the radio and sure enough I heard a bulletin of misery, a report of a yet another shark attack in the area. I gripped the tire iron tight until my knuckles turned white; those sharks made me ever so angry. Just as I regained my composure, I heard screeching of tires. A jeep had lost control and was heading my way. There was no time to move and I looked to the Lord above and prayed for mercy. All I remember from then was a flash of thoughts -- there were children singing to me, all covered in white; I thought I was on my way to the Lord Himself. Then I saw Baby Jesus; that made me smile because I like Baby Jesus the best. The bright lights turned to the sound of my wife's voice. I followed her voice and slowly opened my eyes. I was in St. Mary's Apostolic Vantage Xavier, our small village hospital.

Apparently, the truck had hit and thrown me 100 feet in the air and knocked me unconscious. It was a miracle from the Lord himself, Nurse Ratchet explained. I had no severe injuries, just some bumps and bruises and a mighty headache. I thank the Lord for my miracle and now I know what He has put me on this world to do: to spread the good Word and shower love on all His children.