Man-child Not By Man's Works

Garrett Crawford - 04/10/2007

In a dream, I was in a bedroom with a young couple about to give birth. After a many false alarms and failed attempts to push the baby out by the woman, it all stopped and it seemed that it was not going to happen. The husband was then called to go work or help out somewhere and he had to leave the woman alone with me. The woman then fell asleep, but right after the woman fell asleep the baby started to want to come out. I quickly grabbed the sleeping woman and delivered her baby; it was not hard at all, he just slid out feet first! He was pretty big, like a 1-year-old, and had long hair. His name was Moses and he even said a few words to me. Then I laid the baby by his sleeping mom in the bed and she woke up and was so happy. We were both just looking at him and admiring his long hair.

I am not saying that this is the only interpretation but I do feel this is correct:

The woman represents the church, and for many years the church has been seeing signs the man-child would be born, and trying to birth him by forcing him out, before his time. After many false alarms and a lot of pushing by the woman, the woman just fell asleep or 'rested.' When the woman gave up her own works to push him out and rested, that is when he was born. It was not a burdensome birth at all when he came out. When he was finally ready to come out of the womb he just popped out like a greased pig. I really did not need to do much work at all. I think the Lord is trying to tell us to just rest and not to force the birth of the man-child, he will come when he is ready.