Martial Law; No Economy, Health Care or Schools

Garrett Crawford - 10/17/2008

In a dream, I watched as a working-class inner city man was in front of his house, speaking to Bill Clinton. The man was concerned about the economy and health care.

He said he needed heart surgery and did not have any insurance to pay for the procedure. He was telling Bill that they needed a president like him again -- a champion of the middle class to fight for them.

The man was really optimistic about the next president and was hoping that there would be universal health care to pay for his heart operation that he desperately needed. Bill said to him, "Yeah, I see what you're saying, and I had a heart operation too not to long ago and it really helped me; but as far as you're concerned, I don't expect there to be any way to pay for yours".

He said this was such an arrogance and complete lack of caring, but all the while he was smiling and being nice.

After that Bill began to tell the man that the officials are going to shut down the school up the street and use the buses for another purpose. Bill told the guy so matter of factly, "Yeah, they're going to declare Martial Law here in a bit".

(I feel that Bill was insinuating that the buses would be used to bus people around during Martial Law.)