Many Warts Removed

Jack and Jane Sims - 09/18/2009

Tonight, Joshua, Rebecca and Zach came from out of town to visit us. This is our number three son, our daughter-in-law and our grandson, Zach. As soon as they got in the house they wanted to tell us about Zach's miracle. Zach held up his right hand and said, "Look". The warts he had were all gone. He had warts on the back of his hand, in his palm and on his fingers. I, his grandpa of great faith, thought, they must have had them burned off or something. I asked, "What happened, Zach?" Zach said, "God healed me". We begin to shout and praise God.

Zach is 10 years old and he has had the warts since he was about three or four years old. Over the last several years, we have prayed for the warts to come off. The first time he was prayed for we took him to Thurman Schrivner's Healing School. That was at the end of 2005. Here lately, Zach and his mother, Rebecca, have been really praying for the warts to come off because they were really bothering Zach.

I asked Zach, "How did it happen?" He said when he stuck his right hand in his pocket, the warts would get caught on his pocket. Well, this time his hand slid right in. He looked at the palm of his hand and the warts were about gone. The next few days all the warts disappeared. Zach is so excited about this answer to prayer, as we all are. He was starting to get embarrassed when shaking hands. But God came through at the right time, as always.

Trust, obey and believe the mighty Word of God!!! What a mighty God we serve.