Lump Disappeared

Jason Burton - 12/14/2010

I emailed the prayer team/elders of UBM with a request for my wife, Kristi. She had a spot down in her private area that was painful and like a lump. She had it several years ago before we were married and when she went to the doctor then, the doctor told her she didn't know what it was, but that it would probably just go away. Well, it did until several weeks ago. She began to have pain and could feel the lump and it was growing.

Since we were married now and we believe what we do about healing, I prayed for her and emailed the elders. They prayed and we just stood in faith for a week or two. I would ask her how she was feeling and she would say that she could still feel it, but we were just praising God for the desired result.

A couple of days ago, I asked Kristi how that lump was and she said, "Oh, it's gone!" PTL!

I have really been learning what it means to rest in the Lord and receive my inheritance by faith without feeling like I need to work for it. Hope this is an encouragement.