Lovely Love Seat for Free

Melanie Francis - 04/29/2011

I have been listening to UBM since last summer. I have learned so many things. God proved Himself in many ways since last summer, confirming what David has taught.

Here is the latest.

I was sitting in my room this morning, saying to the Lord, "I can't invite my friends from Dallas to see me". (I recently moved about an hour and half away.)

I told Him, "I don't have anything for them to sit on".

A couple minutes later, I was looking for some shoes and could not find them. I went outside to the car to see if they were there. Lo and behold, I look up and next door is a nice love seat on the side of the road. I couldn't believe it.

I walked over to look at it. At exactly that time, two workmen drove up into the neighbor's driveway and I asked them if the loveseat was thrown away. (There was nothing wrong with it. In fact, it was my favorite color and style, too). They said yes.

I was wondering how I could move it. It was quite heavy. But I asked the workmen to help me move it into the house.

Within five minutes of telling the Lord that I could not invite my friends for a Bible study because I had no furniture, He provided what I needed and the people to help me get it into the house. Praise God.