Light From the Hands

Dream given to Lance from California in 2008
As told to Pamela Orr
(Pamela's notes in dark blue)

I was with my wife (who represents the Bride: her first name means "pure"; her second name means "victory of the people") at her parents' home in the great room {Psa.18:19} He brought me forth into a large place .... It was dark outside (timing: tribulation). Suddenly, military-type men wearing black from head to toe burst into the room. They aimed their automatic weapons at us and readied to fire.

Without knowing why, I raised my hands to waist-level. That was when green light, like laser or rays, began shooting from my hands! {Hab.3:4} ... He had rays from his hand; and there was the hiding of his power. These rays stunned or killed the attackers; I'm not sure which but this light knocked them over. That's when I woke up. At first I didn't want to tell anyone. I felt that I needed to hide this.

Since this man's name means "sword of the Lord", Father God uses him to represent the Man-child anointing and ministry. Once the latter rain occurs, God will use the corporate Man-child to protect the Bride and God's people through powers that are yet, even now, being revealed.