Left Wing Brings Death of Liberty

Cheri Watson's Vision - 02/07/2006

I saw the Statue of Liberty as a huge knife whacked it in half. When the knife sliced through it from right to left, it kind of jumped up for a second and then fell back onto the bottom half, slightly off center. Then in slow motion the statue began to slide towards its left and it just plopped into the water.

Note from David: In Michael Boldea's dream of The Eagle and the Serpents, the second strike on the Eagle by a red and black diagonal-striped serpent heavily damaged its right wing. Since the first 9/11 brought about the destruction of the left wing, as in his dream, this could symbolize the destruction of the right wing of government through the next 9/11. If so, this would make the government fall hard to the left, as it is beginning to do even now. This symbolizes the death of liberty, or freedom, in the waters of tribulation.