Water-Logged iPod

Suani Guzman - 03/13/2008

Hello, Dear Brother David. I just had to let everyone know how Awesome God is.

It all started when I got angry about something with myself and others. As the days went by, I would try but couldn't let it go. So, finally, God had to give me a spanking. As I was listening to my iPod which is filled with UBM teachings, I 'accidentally' dropped it in some water. It was swimming!

I quickly grabbed for it and began to pray and dry it at the same time. God gave me the grace to believe that it was healed. Moments later it hit me that this was from The Lord and immediately I confessed. The gravity of the situation was the motivation I needed to let go of all sin and not let a root of bitterness grow. I say "gravity" because $280 is a lot to throw away.

It was completely dead for a day and then started to act very badly the next. I told the iPod that by His stripes it was healed. The whole time God was giving me grace to believe and I kept rejecting the fearful thoughts.

The third day it resurrected and it's perfectly healed in Jesus' Name.

God is Awesome!!! Thank you, Lord, for grace and mercy.