Healed: Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Leg Cramps, Hormones, Insomnia

Carol Harshman - 07/24/2008

I have been in love with Jesus for about four years now and part of your Paltalk ministry for about a year. My story is long, beginning with childhood sexual abuse and only getting worse as I got older.

I am 52. My life has never been better and it's only because of the Lord. When I found this ministry, it was as if a new world had been opened up to me (I was raised in the church). Jesus with power! What a wonderful concept!

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to start getting ready to live in the wilderness about six months ago. I asked the Lord to heal me of everything I had to take medication for: blood pressure, sleeping pills, muscle relaxers for arthritis, cramping pills for my legs, and hormones for hot flashes that were unbelievably horrible and frequent. I threw away all my medications at the same time and waited... God is so good! He took it all away. PTL!!! Every once in a while my healing is challenged in one or another of the areas, but I just rebuke it and go on! Thank you, Jesus!