Healed of Many Things

Tony Donaldson - 03/07/2010

God has graciously and lovingly healed me of so many things in recent days, praise His name!

I had suffered with a hiatal hernia and acid indigestion for many years and the Lord has healed me completely.

In recent months, I had an extreme bowel problem and when Brother Vernon Love prayed with me, God completely delivered me of it.

Years ago, I had surgery for a problem with my feet and it left them numb and with pain in different parts of my feet, but when Brother David prayed for me, God healed me.

And recently Bro. David and Vernon prayed the prayer of agreement with me when I've had severe prostate problems, and the Lord has healed me once again!

I praise God for His wisdom and for the brethren binding together with me; for the trying of my faith, that I might come forth as pure gold; and for His marvelous healing power, which has gone forth since His blood was shed and is ours for the believing and accepting. Praise His glorious name!