Healed of Angina

Brian Nijman - 03/26/2015

I got a lot out of David's teaching on The Real Good News, particularly about how we were saved in all its fullness at the cross. I had listened to similar teachings from David before, but each time it comes to a new level.

In late 2012, or thereabouts, the Lord healed me of symptoms consistent with angina. Although not painful as such, these symptoms, involving discomfort on the left side of my chest and rib cage, had developed over the years and were becoming more persistent. I noticed them when under work stress, for the most part.

I was concerned about this because there is heart disease on my mother's side of the family, with several family members dying of stroke or similar at about my age (I was 49 at the time).

One day when out walking, I made a very simple prayer for healing. I simply acknowledged that the Lord healed me at the cross. I was healed immediately, without any fuss whatsoever. I had no trouble thereafter and this healing provided me with a concrete and personal example of God's work in my life that I could share with others.

My healing was complete. I had no problems, until a few months ago, when I was in the shower and felt a strong cramping feeling on the left of my chest, much stronger that before.

A voice in my head said something like, "Oh, well, it's back. But you had a good run with this healing, considering how long ago it was". I then stood there, calculating how long it had been since I was healed ... and then I had an epiphany: I wasn't healed back then; I was healed at the cross! I rebuked the bad report and the discomfort immediately disappeared and has not returned.

Praise the Lord!