Gulf Oil Superbug & Humans

In May of 2010, Dr. Terry Hazen, considered the foremost crude oil bioremediation expert in the world, stated: "...we could introduce a genetic material into indigenous bugs via a bacteriophage ... a lab could create a completely new organism that thrives in the ocean, eats oil, and needs a certain stimulant to live..."

Shortly thereafter, lo and behold, he and his colleagues at the U.S. government's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 'discovered' a previously unknown species of cold-water hydrocarbon-eating bacteria have been feasting on the underwater oil plumes degrading them at accelerated rates.

In an interview in September 2010, Mike Utsler, the Chief Operating Officer of BP's Gulf Coast Restoration, publicly admitted there was "a new form of microbiology" attacking the oil.

This is an incredibly well-documented report analyzing the use of synthetic organisms in the U.S. Gulf.

Note: After a BP subsidiary created this bug, everyone is finding out that it attacks other biologicals, like sea life and humans, like a flesh-eating disease.