The Greater Anointing Is Coming

Amos Scaggs - 06/03/2007

The separation is coming. I saw a new bottle of HD (high detergent) oil opened and the top portion poured out on the ground, as if to skim off the impurities. The major portion of it was to be poured in the oil tank where it belongs.

The top portion was skimmed off to make sure there was no water mixed with the oil, although there are no impurities in the new oil. A little of God's anointing oil is being poured out on the earth now among all believers, even the ones with impurities in them, but the two will soon separate to expose the true vine. Water and oil do not mix.

The separation to expose the false believers is happening. The balance of the oil is to be poured out upon the true believer to do His work.

"HD" or Harley Davidson dominated the 1/2 mile dirt track races in my time. The HD oil was poured in for the final run to win the race. Yes, I am a Harley rider, although I used to ride the fast Japanese bikes. God communicates to us in a fashion so we can understand.

Note from David: I guess the small amount of oil poured on the earth is for the earthly Christians and the great amount poured in the engine is for the anointed to win the race to the end. High Detergent oil is for cleaning up engines, too. Pour the whole bottle on me, Lord! Need to get this engine running. :o)