Grandson Healed

Marlin and Gaynold Mozer - 01/28/2010


Our grandson, Maverick, was born on Christmas Day. There were some very substantial issues involving Rh factor and anti-d antibodies. Essentially, Maverick was breaking down his red blood cells and became severely anemic in the womb. With few red blood cells and little hemoglobin to transport oxygen through his circulatory system, his organs and tissues were literally starving for oxygen. This led to a host of problems for Maverick.

Our daughter, Stacie, decided to go to the hospital when she noticed decreased fetal movement on Christmas morning and an emergency C-section resulted. Maverick required substantial life support and critical care, so he was flown ASAP via jet from Visalia to the NICU at the Stanford Medical Hospital. He was given two separate blood transfusions, including a double volume exchange. Other issues addressed were severe anemia, hydrops, respiratory failure, severe cardiac issues, shut down kidneys and much more. The doctors and nurses expressed that they had not seen anyone with such a low oxygen level even survive. We heard doctors and nurses express daily that his speedy recovery was a miracle.

We were in Texas visiting another daughter and her family when we got the news of Maverick's birth and the seriousness of his condition. We had missed an earlier call so we didn't get the message until several hours after his birth. We left immediately for California and didn't realize our cell phone was nearly dead and we didn't have a charger with us. Our son, Greg, called Bob to have the UBM prayer team pray for our grandson, as well as many friends and family who were also called. Shortly after the prayers started, we heard that Maverick's condition was beginning to stabilize.

We want to thank everyone at UBM for your prayers for our grandson. God is so faithful. We feel that the speedy recovery and no sign of permanent damage to any organs in his body will be a witness to many doctors, nurses, family members and friends of the true miraculous power of God. God's Blessings to all.