Goshen, the Separated in Egypt

"Servant" - 07/24/2001

Here is the word of the Lord regarding Goshen. It was given before the towers fell and also is for such a time as this. This word is for those who have separated themselves.

The LORD declares:

My people, I am sending you into the land of Goshen, your Spiritual land of Goshen. It is your place of refuge, your place of safety. As I speak, says the LORD, judgment is being loosed upon this earth. The day of destruction has begun.

Do not fear as you see what is coming upon the earth, for it will not come near you. You, My people will dwell safely in the land of Goshen. This is not your promised land, but a haven from My judgment upon this earth. My protection is upon you until I return to lead you out, says the LORD your GOD.