Gold and Silver Woes?

Gold Burning
Gideon Smith - 11/13/2010
(David's notes in red)

In this dream, my wife and I were walking outside on a bright and sunny day. Then I looked in the air and saw a very large, grey U.S. military transport aircraft. I then noticed that its flying maneuvers were very strange. It appeared to be zipping around, doing front and back flips and other odd movements that should be impossible for a plane that size to perform. (Sounds just like our economy.)

Then my eyes seemed to be able to zoom in on the plane and I noticed it was not the kind of plane I thought it was from far away. It actually did not look like any plane I've seen before. (On close inspection, it is not a normal economy; nothing we have ever seen before.) Then, as my eyes zoomed out, it appeared to be the same large U.S. military transport plane.

Then, as it was going in its circular motion, it began to move faster and faster and then it began to descend very fast toward the ground and it crashed, and when it hit the ground there was a gigantic explosion. I mean huge and a very large plume of fire rose to the sky and there was great fear. When I saw the explosion, I thought to myself, wow, this happened sooner than I expected. (We must be very close to the crash.)

Then I began to run from this large flame that began to erupt from the explosion. As I ran, I saw a vision of an image of this woman's head which looked like it was made of gold and her face and head were burning with flames. Then, as I saw the vision, I understood it to be the Statue of Liberty. (America's economy will fall very destructively. Even gold will be useless. In the last depression there was a four-day bank holiday, during which they made a law so they could grab the gold. It became useless to individuals or corporations. My guess is woe be unto those who are holding certificates and not gold.)

After seeing this, I began to pray in the spirit, at which point I came out of that vision. Then I opened my eyes and found myself sitting inside of a movie theater, praying loud in the spirit and everyone was looking at me like I was crazy, as if nothing happened. (Movie theaters are for play-acting or fakery, just like this economy. It cannot be trusted and neither can the thieves who run it.) They did not see what I saw; they were getting ready to watch a movie. Then I woke up.