God Supplied and Fixed Everything

Doris Zambrano

I am so happy to say that I am seeing miracles in my life, living here in the wilderness! I praise you, Lord!

Anyway, due to limited income right now, I ran out of propane and just decided to let God show me what to do until I had resources to get more. I did, however, have electricity, so I was able to have heat from a small heater and the fireplace. Bless God! I went without propane for almost a week and then I was blessed with some money to get more. The company that had been delivering propane to me since May did not return messages regarding my situation, so I was led to another company in another town. The propane delivery man came and since I had run out he had to check all the connections and equipment before filling my tank. He discovered many leaks and a regulator that was outlawed some 10 years ago. Well, he was so wonderful, he replaced the regulator and did not charge me yet (he just said that he made note of it and would bill me when I could pay, praise God) and worked to fix the leaks and then filled the tank. Since he has been here my propane usage has gone down tremendously! I know that God has a reason for everything He does, although we do not always understand, He knows what He is doing. I know that if I had not run out of propane I never would have gotten a new regulator or had opportunity to fix any leaks. How awesome is our God! Lord, bless Mr. Riley, bless this oil company for their kindness and thank you for your protection and provision! \o/ Bless David, UBM and all those You call yours. Thank you, Father! In Jesus' name I pray.