God's Sovereign Protection

Suani Guzman - 06/25/2009

When I was 18, my mom and I were visiting a lady who had been married to my uncle. That night, a group of armed men robbed the house. They put out the lights from the outside with a bullet and that first bullet ended where my mom had been sitting seconds before.

They proceeded to break into the house. We had no phones to call for help. We all huddled in the bathroom. They finally got in and tied us all up on the floor, face down.

They ransacked the house and then proceeded to take my aunt-in-law away and hurt her (she had been living an immoral life). My mom and I remained untouched through the whole ordeal.

I want to thank my heavenly Father Who had mercy and grace on us and showed His ability to keep me safe when I was incapable of protecting myself. I hope this encourages someone to trust God and not their own ability.