God Multiplies My Diesel

Sheila Skaggs - 06/26/2008

My son, Eric, comes over and mows my yard each week. We have a diesel mower and at the beginning of the mowing season, we just buy several gallons in a can so we will have it on hand.

The first week he filled the mower and mowed. He came back the next week and I heard the mower running. He came in and said, "Mom, did you fill the mower with fuel?" I said, "Why would I do that? I didn't use it". He said, "All I know is I used it, did not fill it when I was done and this week, it is full". I said, "Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus for the fuel."

The same thing happened this week. We both just said, "Praise the Lord, thank you Jesus!"

I just wanted to share this awesome miracle that we were just blessed with. I feel like it is a reminder to us that if God will fill the mower tank then don't we think He will take care of us? God is so good.