God Healed My Van

Gideon Smith - 02/08/2011

Our van door's lock was stuck for about a week. I am pretty strong and tried to get it unjammed but it wouldn't move. My wife and father-in-law all tried to do the same thing but the door would not open and the lock wouldn't budge.

So we called the mechanics who said that this was a common problem with the vehicle we owned and that it would cost $80 just for them to look at it. So we checked to see if our warranty covered the cost and it didn't.

I knew that we didn't have $80 to spare, so after talking to several auto shops who all gave us the same price, I told my wife I was going to get some oil, lay hands on the lock and door and ask God to heal it.

So I grabbed the oil, placed it on both sides of the door and said, "Lord, we have salvation from no other and You are the only One we can turn to and in Jesus' name I commanded the door to be healed."

Right after I said that, I pulled the latch with little strength and it loosed and the door opened.

God healed our van. Praise be to God for His mighty power.